Cylinder head skimming


Cylinder Head Skimming – Why skim / reface a cylinder head ?

There are various reasons to have a cylinder head skimmed or refaced before being bolted back onto the engine block.

The most common is if your engine has overheated due to head gasket, water pump or coolant system failure. Fitting a warped cylinder head back on engine block will cause the new head gasket to fail very quickly! Cylinder heads can also be machined to increase the compression ratio on the engine.

 At LDS Engineering we can reface most 3, 4, 5 and some 6 cylinder heads using either conventional grind stones or diamond fly cutting bit. Modern MLS head gaskets have tighter tolerances than older style composite head gaskets, they also require a finer surface finish. We can achieve and better all required O.E and aftermarket gasket surface finishes.


Cylinder Head Skimming / Refacing

 Turnaround for skimming usually 24hrs or less (depending on work load)

POA for machining depending on type of cylinder head


Motorcycle / Jetski / Commercial or Industrial skimming prices available on request – Please contact.


Most petrol cylinder head will only require camshafts / followers / housings removing to be bolted on to the machining bed.

Diesels cylinder heads will require valves / glow plugs / injectors removing before dropping the cylinder head off to us.

***Please note if the cylinder head is not stripped enough to be able to skim, there will a surcharge to strip the head***

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Local trade repairs or skimming always welcome please contact for prices.