Custom paper gasket manufacture

Custom die cut paper gaskets made to order


Pictures above show the types of gaskets we have already designed and produced.

Thermostat housings

Vacuum housings

Oil pump housings

Carburettor base plates

Water pumps

Standard or custom inlet manifold gaskets


Stub axle and flanges

Carb float pot gaskets


Ideal for hard to find paper / obsolete paper gaskets.

All designed and digitally cut inhouse.



 off or low volume runs.

More that happy to deal with large or small runs for vintage / classic car businesses.

Can modified existing gasket shapes or create via customer drawings.

Cut using 0.4mm, 0.75mm


, 0.8mm or 1mm British gasket paper.


A full scale copy of the gasket the customer requires is preferred, either old gasket or full scale drawing.

Please feel to contact us for more information/request a free no obligation quote.