Cylinder head pressure testing


Cylinder Head Pressure Testing

In an engine the cylinder head sits above the cylinders on top of the engine block.  If your engine has overheated or had a cooling system failure it could crack or distort the cylinder head.

Due to the constant thermal expansion and contraction of the cylinder head any flaws in the casting can be exposed causing cracks in the cylinder head, a pressure test can check if these cracks are leaking.

When we pressure test a cylinder head we are looking for any leaks. We do this by blanking the water outlets on the cylinder head and then pressurising the cylinder head with compressed air, is the cylinder head does not hold pressure it is then sprayed with soapy water to locate the the point of the leakage. We can then visually inspect the area and then confirm if the cylinder head is leaking via a cracked casting.

A cylinder head also sometimes crack internally, so even if no cracks are visible on the cylinder head it is always worth pressure testing to confirm the cylinder head is ok to refit to the block.

We are able to pressure test cylinder heads of most automotive vehicles.

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