Elring Dirko high temperature RTV sealant 70ml 705.707

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Dirko HT  sealant 705.707

x1 70ml tube

By Elring

OE application on all late VW, Audi, Skoda models so high quality product.

Ideal for sealing sumps, rocker covers, thermostat housing etc

Dirko HT (red) permanently elastic silicone sealing compound (temperature-resistant from -50°C to +250°C, up to +300°C for short periods):

Reliable, universal sealing performance – also when components are subject to movement. Apply to surfaces, gaps (up to approx. 5 mm) or hairline cracks. The seal forms quickly.
Outstanding adhesive strength, particularly on metals. No additional sealing required between components. Leaks can be sealed externally without time-consuming disassembly of components.
Resistant to mineral oils (incl. additives), synthetic oils and greases, petrol and diesel fuels, hot and cold water, seawater, sunlight and ozone.

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