Elring AFD2000 Anaerobic surface sealer sealant 50ml 777.790

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AFD2000 Anaerobic sealant

x1 50ml tube
O.E made by Elring
Anaerobic surface seal – green. Temperature stability: -55°C to +150°C. AFD 2000 is a solvent-free, low-viscosity sealing compound. It is ideal for sealing torsion-resistant metal parts with a level, plane sealing face, for example on housings and bearing covers or on flanges used in engines, transmissions and mechanical equipment. A sealing film, resistant to chemicals and temperature variations, forms and cures without air by making metal contact between the two parts that must be joined. The parts can nevertheless be separated again easily. Unlike with conventional flat gasket materials, none of the bolt force is lost as a result of the material “settling” when direct contact is made between metallic surfaces. Pressures up to approximately 5 bar are reliably sealed immediately after assembly. The maximum pressure tightness is achieved after around 24 hours when the sealant is fully cured.
Also available in  x5 and x10 discount bulk purchases, please contact.

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